Actual difference between bounce rate and exit rate-Simple tips 2021

Hello my friends today we are going to discuss about the difference between bounce rate and exit rate because many peoples very confussed about these terms.

And these are simple but not easy because at the starting time i did not understand about these two terms.

A have learnt alot to understand these both terms and now finally i am telling you about the difference between exit rate and Bounce rate.

Also i will cover more related terms which is very important to understand these both terms.

So if you are one of them who are not getting these term difference so this post could be very helpful to you.

So if you are interested to know about these terms because these both terms are very important in order to rank higher on the google.

so stay tuned with me in this article till the end and learn carefully whatever i will tell you.

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So without wasting your time lets get started

Difference between bounce rate and exit rate

Now we will discuss what is the bounce rate and exit rate

Bounce rate

Now we are talking about the bounce rate because when we talk about the difference between bounce rate and exit rates the first terms is bounce rate

when a user visit your website and where they land on your website, that called landing page.

so if that user does not visit web page and they press back button and get back to another website so that called bounce back.

and if that user move to the second page , thrid page withour pressing back button to your website, that one never called bounce back.

Got my points, these points is very important, Bounce back is only called when someone land your website and bounce back from the landing page or first page.

And when we are calculate this bounce back quantity in the 100 rate then we will called this Bounce rate.

We all know 100 means rate or percentage. Thats why this called Bounce rate. so i think you got about what is Bounce rate.

So lets take an example to keep simple understanding, Suppose that if 100 user visit your website home page which is landing page and after that 40 peoples exit your website from the landing page and rest of 60 peoples move to the other page so your website bounce rate is 40%.

So i think you got in a better wat because of this example.

difference between bounce rate and exit rate

So the better understanding to you I am telling a formula that is

Bounce rate is =(Total exit user/total number of the user)*100


Bounce rate =40%

The reason behind the high bounce rate

You are looking at so many websites around with you if you are interested in blogging or affiliate marketing and that website bounce rate is too high.

So in your mind, one thought comes ever why that website bounce rate is too high and one more thing if you have a website and that bounce rate is too high

So what is its reason I will be told you some reason which is irresponsible for the high bounce rate

  • Your website content not engaging
  • Your website looks not good
  • Your website loading time is too high
  • People browser closed some reason

How to reduce your Bounce rate

As I told you about the reason behind the high bounce rate and now I provide you with some points according to my personal experience bases

  • Make your website content is unique and high valuable
  • Add images and video in between your content
  • Make your design better
  • Increase Your website loading speed

Exit rate

I have done the first terms of the query between the difference between bounce rate and exit rate it is bounce rate and I hope you learned very carefully

And now we will talk about the exit rate more peoples is very confused about the terms to bounce rate and exit rate so here I will remove y0ur confusion

Exit rate is actually defined the how many users are exit from the after the landing page. That means suppose that 100 users are land your landing page.

difference between bounce rate and exit rate

and 40 users are bounced from the landing page so that is called bounce rate and the 60 users are going to the second page and third page.

And how many users are exit from the second page and other page is called exit rate? One more thing is that the exit rate is defined on every single page.

And when you look in the google analytics so there we see the total average of exit rate.

Bounce rate =(no. of user exit from the page / total number of the user)*100

I hope you understand that.

What to do to decrease the exit rate?

Like the bounce rate, you need to decrease the exit rate of your website for a better ranking so now we will discuss how do you decrease the exit rate.

  • You look up the user journey why the use exit your web page is user intent is fulfilled or any region so track the user journey.
  • One thing you always Rember that you always give the reason to your user to stay on your website.
  • embed the images and videos in your content.

Final Thought

I hope you got the difference between bounce rate and exit rate in the proper way and also understand how to reduce the bounce rate and exit rate of your website.

If you like the post the actual difference between bounce rate and exit rate and have clear your all doubt so comment in the comment box.

And if you have any queries and suggestions related to this post so also comment in the comment box.

Very thankful to read this post.

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