Simple steps to know How to sell a domain on GoDaddy in 2021

Hello friends Domain buying and selling is a good online business and if you want to start your online business and earn money from the home so this article is very useful to you.

In this article, I will tell you how to sell a domain on the GoDaddy website and also how you can buy a good domain so when you go for selling that domain name you will get a good price.

And the other hand I will tell you what is the points you should consider at the time of buying and domain name and selling a domain name.

Because many peoples make so many mistakes to do this, But if you are here then i will teach you how can you do all this in a better way and sell a domain name on Godaddy and other websites like Sedo, NameJet, Flippa, etc.

so let’s start the process-

How to Sell a Domain name on Godaddy-

Here i will tell you how to sell a domain name on Gooday but that does not mean Godaddy is the only website where you can buy a domain name and sell a domain name.

There are lots of websites are available in the market where you can buy a good domain and sell their domain.

But do not worry about that in this article I will tell you about some websites where you can sell your domain and generate more profiles.

What is the Domain name-

I know most of the peoples know about what is the Domain name and what is this works but still, i want to ask you,

A domain name is that by typing your website is open in any browser. In other words your domain name is your website route Where users getting the way of your website.

So I think this is enough for you for Domain name and if you want to know more about the Domain name so you can read more by clicking here.

How does the Domain buying selling business works-

Now move ahead and talk about the working scenario of the domain buying and selling business works.

So we all know at today time what is the importance of a perfect and suitable Domain name, So if you buy a Domain name at a reasonable price by any domain provider,

and works on that domain and increased that Domain DA so you can sell that domain any reasonable price to any needle person who needs that domain.

Like if you buy a domain like, and in the future, if I need this domain so I would buy you at a very high cost.

And you will earn a very high commission in a single domain selling, But you do not try with domain.

Its just for an example and if you want to know how you can choose a best and suitable brand name and what is the procedure and which is the best domain provider sites so you can read this.

And here I am teaching you how to sell a domain name on GoDaddy, But before selling you have to know how to choose and find a perfect and high profitable domain name for selling.

How to Buy a perfect Domain Names

And now talk about how to buy a perfect and high profitable domain name for selling on GoDaddy.

So Buying a Domain name is not a hard task,

  • You have to simply sign on the Godaddy or any domain provider company which I told you
  • After that, you have to create an account by using your Email id or other identities.
  • Then you are able to buy a domain name on that site.
  • you just simply search the domain name which you want to buy.
  • after Add to cart and after payment and get that domain name.

Pubg lite config file


But you have to know some important points before buying a domain name and at this point many peoples make mistakes and after that, they all face some issues,

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so it will be good to to know you before that.

Some Important points to know before buying a Domain name-

  1. The first point is your domain name should not contain any copyright terms and any trademark terms.
  2. Your domain name should be simple and easy to remember.

Top Popular Domain Selling Websites

As I said to you Godaddy is not only one of the Domain selling platforms. there are many platform are available in the market where you can sell your domain.

And here I am going to tell you about the top popular website where you can sell your domain and earn a very high commission.


As we all know Godaddy is the most trustable domain buying and selling website in the world. And if you want to sell a domain on Godaddy so you would join the Godaddy Auction program of Godaddy.

Godaddy Auction program is a very popular and famous program to sell a domain on Godaddy. I am here to talk about How to sell a domain on GoDaddy Auction.

you can join the Godaddy Action program in very simple steps and very easily and after join this program you can sell the domain names in very simple steps

Which about we talk after a couple of words.

2.Flippa :

if you are Interest in websites and domains then you must have heard this name. Flippa is one more trustable website where you can buy and sell domains.

There are billions of people are trusting this website and use this website.

The special thing about Flippa is here you get this list of domains that is near to expire so that if you can purchase and sell them.


Namejet is another website where you can buy and sell domains and earn a commission. The best part of namejet is here you get the list of expired domains similar to the Flippa.


Nmaepros is one more very trustable website where you can sell domain name as same as Namejet and flippa.

Sedo is another website where you can buy and sell domains at a very cheap price. the best part of is here you will get a confirmation or activation link after registration on you Email address.

Here I told you about the top and popular website where you can sell your domain name and earn a high commission per sale domain.

But my recommendation to you choose Godaddy Auction to sell your domain name.

Selling Domain on GoDaddy Auction Membership Plans

i said to you about the Godaddy Auction and now many peoples do not know about the Godaddy Auction,

So That people, I would like to say Godaddy auction is an Auction plan of Godaddy services where you will get lots of benefits after register these plans.

and let me tell you one thing this is not a free plan, it’s a paid plan, So if you want to sell a domain on GoDaddy so you will have to join this program.

And these program charges are Rs. 372.39/year for one year and Rs. 372.39/year for two years.

How to sell a Domain on Godaddy Auction – Steps-

you should one thing always keep in your mind, domain selling is not a big task but before selling a domain you have to raise your Domain Authority.

And then you should put the domain to sell otherwise there are no benefits to sell that domain in maximum cases.

and if you increased your domains DA then after you should follow steps that I will tell you to follow-

  1. First of all, you should log in to your Godaddy Account.
  2. Then click on my product and enter into my product list.
  3. After doing this all click on the Manage Option.
  4. There you should click on Buy & Sell Option.
  5. And then click on the GoDaddy Auctions Listing under the Buy & sell Option.
  6. Now enter in the Selling list.
  7. Now click on the List a Domain. There you will see many options to list Domain for sell and you should choose the best option according to you.
  8. Here you will be asked for Enrolling the Godaddy Auction program and if you do not enroll then you would choose and Enroll a Plan.
  9. Now you have to add a Domain which one you want to sell also fill the necessary information like email, Paypal id etc.
  10. After doing this all check on the terms and conditions by checking the Agree option.
  11. After that, you set the price accordingly and then click on the Finish button.
  12. when you did this all in a good way you will be got an Email from the Godaddy team.

if you do this all in a proper way then you would be able to sell a domain name on the Godaddy .

Final thought-How to sell a domain on GoDaddy

if you read this article so you get the answer of your question How to sell a domain name on GoDaddy website in a perfect way and how can you earn more commission by selling a domain on Godaddy.

In this article, i told you about the best domain selling sites where you can sell a domain very high price.

And if you still have any doubt about how to sell a domain on godaddy and what is the godaddy Auction program and how can you join godaddy Auction program then you would ask me.

if you learn something from this article so please share this article who wants to earn money from selling the domain on Godaddy.

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FAQ- How to sell domain name on godaddy

What is the price to join the Godaddy Auction membership?

There is Two price plan to join Godaddy Auction plan-
1.For 1-year- Rs. 372.39/year. 
2,-For 2-years- Rs. 372.39/year.

Which one details we need to sell a domain on GoDaddy.

You should need very few details to sell the domain on Godaddy. like-
1.PayPal Email
3.Sub Category
4.Auction Type
5.Starting Bid

How much does it cost to sell a domain name on GoDaddy?

Godaddy does not get any cost to sell Domain name on his platform but you have to join the GoDaddy Action program to sell the domain on Godaddy.
Which cost is something around 372 rs per year?

Is Domain Flipping profitable?

Yes, Domain flipping is very highly profitable. and if you are a master in choosing a domain name so you can earn lots of profit.

Is Domain Flipping legal?

Yes, Domain Flipping is legal, But there are some companies doing this in an illegal way so never trust that companies.

Why can’t I sell my domain on GoDaddy?

Godaddy’s domain selling policy says that you can not register your domain for selling the first 60 days of domain registration.
So you should register a domain for sale after 60 days of domain buy.

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