Tricks How to delete all comments in the wordpress site in 2021

Are you want to delete your all WordPress site comments in one click? so you are here in the right place.

Hello, friend, there are lots of time and lots of cases happen with us when we decide to do something like that which we all do not do.

similarly, sometimes we decide to delete all comments of our website which not required to delete and no need to delete those all, but anyway, if you want to delete your all WordPress site comment in one click or in a bulk and you’re are finding How to delete all comments in the wordpress site so this is the right place to learn this.

in this article i will teach you how can you delete your wordpress site all comment and which is the way to perform for delete your all comment in bulk.

But First, I am going to share to you some reasons to delete all WordPress comment, it might be for your or not but in the most of cases, these reasons could responsible to delete WordPress comment.

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Reasons to delete wordpress comments-

the first reason is , you created a website and want to check how its look after commenting and fully loaded , and now you are going to live that website and want to delete your all comment.

the second reason is somebody comment on your website and your do not like this type of comment on your site and you decided to delete all comment of your wordpress site.

the third and most imposrtant reason to deleting your website all comments, you do not like comment on your site and you just want your wordpress site neat and clean.

The next reason is to fear the hacking of your WordPress site and you imagine that some hacker hacks your WordPress site by the comment so you do not ready to take this kind of risk and want to delete your WordPress all comment in bulk.

And the next reason might be you could give the comment backlink to anybody to your site.

So most of the cases this reasons or scenarios i look these reasons but in your cases this might be happen or not , so do not worry about the reasons.

What to do before deleting your WordPress comment-

And now before performing how to delete all comment on the WordPress site in bulk you have to create your WordPress site backup so that if you need after when your delete all comment, reinstall all comment in your site.

How to delete all comments in the wordpress site in Bulk-

Now previously i told you reasons , and now no metter what is the reasons the only thing is we want to delete all wordpress site comment in bulk.

So lets talk about the method which is used for deleting the comment in the wordpress site. So here i am going to told you two methods to delete your worpress site comment in bulk and these two method is enough for you.

1.The first and simple method is deteting all wordpress comments by using a wordpress plugin

2.And the seccond method is deleteing all the comment by the help of cpannel.

Delete all WordPress comment by using WordPress plugin or wordpress deshboard-

So comment deleting by the using of any plugin is very simple and easiest way that’s why this method is beginner-friendly .

1..In this method, you have to log in to your WordPress login pannel or WordPress dashboard.

2.After that there you will see a comment option, this option is always in your wordpress site but may you never attended this, So click on this.

3.After clicking on this option you will see the list of your all wordpress site comments and there you will see more options like new, approved, unapproved, spam, trash, comment list.

4.Now you will select all comments and click on the bulk action and there will select a trash option and after that click on the Apply.

5.After doing this activity your all comments move in the Trash comment option and now you click on this and select all comments and click on the permanently delete and click on Apply button.

6.when you complete this process then your sites all comments will be deleted permanently in a while.

7.And for confirmation you can check how many comments are here in the comment option and hope there is nothing.

8.this means your all comment has been removed.

And this comment deleting process is simple and user-friendly so if you are a beginner and have the lack technical knowledge of coding so this is very helpful to you.

How to delete all wordress site comment by the using of Hosting cpannel-

Now lets move on the second method to delete all wordpress comment in bulk that is delete all comment by using cpannel.

So i want to clear one things before starting the process that is process is not sutable for the beginners.

And if your are a begineer then please go with the first method to delete comment of your wordpress site, and still you want to try this so first take a backup of your wordpress site and after perform this method.

1.In this method first you have to login your hosting cpannel.

2.After login you have to click on the PhpMyAdmin option in your cpannel.

3.Then after inside the phpmyadmin you have to click and select two tables ,wp_comments and wp_commentmeta tables very carefully.

4.And then click on the empty option under the hower option.

5.When you complete this activity then you will got one more option that is the confirmation option to select and now you click on Yes. soon as you click , all comment will be removed.

7.When you complete this process then your all WordPress comment will be removed or deleted within seconds and your website looks clean and fresh.

So these is two methods to delete all WordPress comments in a single click and in a bulk quantity. and i hope you learned from it and enjoy the process as well.

Final thought- how to delete all comments in wordpress site in 2021

So i hope you got the answer of your question How to delete all comments in the wordpress site and if still you have any doubt regarding to the How to delete all comments in the wordpress site so your can ask me in the comment box and my social media.

there i will try to solve your query and if you want to give me any suggestation then you gave me in the comment box as well.

And if you learn something about this post so share and comment on this post and I am very thankful to you to read this post.

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