[Best steps]How to change Permalink in Blogger in 2021

Hello friends today i going to talk about how can you change your Blogger Blog post url in simple way.

So if you are working in the Blogging field or just started to work on your Blog so this may be the best points to you because if you are working on the blogger platform,

So the biggest challenge of there is, to make your blog Look like a professionals. So most of the Blogger keeps doing work for that, They changes their blog Template, Blog name, Blog title ,Even they wants to changes their Blog Permalink or their blog post permalink.

But in spite of lots of searching they could not get the proper solution of this problem , But do not worry about that today i am going to talk about how to change permalink in blogger.

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So if you need then you get this otherwise you can do more productive. If you need the solution how to change Blogger post permalink so i will give you the step bu step solution and after which you will not need any others video and guide.

So i you want to change your blogger post permalink than read my this article by the end and after that you will be able to change your Blogger permalink.

And other hand if you want to change your blogger title and blog name then you can check my older post.

And now lets move ahead and see the process how can you change your Blogger Permalink.

What is the permalink

So before doing anything you have to know what is that, and similarily here at first i want to explain something about permalink to you besuse until when you do not know what is permalink and what is this function so how do you take interset the process how to change permalink of blogspot.com.

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so here i am going to explain little bit about the permalink, so permalink is the Excecl path of your blog post which click on that user can visit ou post or your blog.

And if you want to change this so one thing remember to you that is if you changes your old post url then your all post of url will changed and whern someone visit your old url then he will be fing 404 error.

So i thing you are getting my points so now we will se the nest process.

How to change permalink in blogger-

How i will give you the solution in points so that you can change your Blogger permalink very easily and in a very short periods of time, so if you want then follow the steps which i will tell you –

1.First of all you have to login you Blogger account which you can easily by clicking here.

2.And how after that simply click on New Post.

3.When you will click on the new post then new post will be open.

4.After opening the new post Dashboard you simply click on the Post Setting.

5.When you click on the post setting then you will see the many open, so you do not focus on the other option. You have to focus on the Permalink option. you simply click on this option.

6.After that you will see the Two Options, first one is Automatic permalink and the Second one is a custom permalink, so have to choose Custom permalink.

7.And here you will see the box where you can write or design your custom permalink.

8.After creating your custom permalink you have to close these option and write your high-quality post, and then publish it.

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Final Thought- How to change Permalink in Blogger

I hope you got my points about how to change permalink in Blogger and Now you are able to change your Blogger post Permalink.

And one things i want to told you that if you change your permalink in a best way and optimise your Blog permalink Seo friendly do it will be very helpful to rank your post in google.

So never take it lightly.And if you have any doubt and any suggesation then you can ask me in the comment box and either you want to give me any suggestation regarding to how to change permalink of Blogger than comment me.

I am very thankful to you to read this article, Please share this with your family and blogger friends.

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FAQ- How to change Blogger permalink or URL

1.How do i change permalink in Blogger?

How you can change your Permalink in Blogger I already told you in very simple steps so you can check the process.
1.Sign in to Blogger.
2.In the top left, choose a blog to update.
3.From the menu on the left, click Posts New Post.
4.On the right, under “Post Settings,” click Permalink.
5.Select Custom Permalink and enter the URL you want to use.
6.Click Publish or Save.

2.Can i change Blogspot url?

Ans- Yes, you can change your Blogspot url

3. What is the custom Permalink in Blogger?

Ans- Custon permalink is a manully designed Seo optimized url , Which is designed by the Blogger , and its very useful to rank in google.

4.How do I choose my blogger URL?

Ans. If you working on a particular Micro Niche blogging then you should try to Buy a such URL which is Contain your Niche keyword.

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