How to Change Blog Name on Blogger in the Simple steps in 2021

Today I am going to talk about how to change blog name in a simple way. So soo many peoples at this time are starting their blogging career and at the starting time, most of the peoples do not have the money to invest.

So maximum peoples start their blogging journey through the google Free platform names as Blogger or In the Starting, we all are learning faces and we do not have any idea about blogging like How to buy a hosting, How to choose a perfect Domain name and blog name and how to choose a niche.

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So we all do many mistakes at the starting career time in blogging so in this row sometimes we choose an unsuitable Blog name of his blog and after some times when we are learning something about in blogging.

Then we all realize that this Blog name is not suitable for my blog and now I want to change this Blog name and the Question arises our mind that how to change the blog name on blogger.

But we do not have any idea about how can we change our Blog name because this task I had never perform. So is this something happen with you so do not worry about this.

You are on the right path in your blogging career because when I had started my blogging journey then you faced the same problem in my career and that’s the reason I am here to get the solution for you.

Reasons behind changing the Blogger name-

We all know that we have to change our name but what is reasons to change our blogger name so some reasons which I realized is given below-

1.We want something different name our blog.

2.The second is that our niche is not suited to our Blog name.

3.And other is we want our blog name to be on my name.

These are some reasons but it is not sure that is only reasons is it some other reasons may happen so do not worry.

How to change blog name on blogger-

Now talk about the process about how can you change your display name on blogger so if you want to change your Blogspotname then follow the steps which I can tell you so let’s move further and talk about the steps-

1.At first log in to your Blogger dashboard by clicking here or directly.

2.After that go to the Setting option in your blogger and click on it.

3.When you click on the setting option then you will see more options under the Basic setting.

4.There you have to click on the Title option.

5.When you click on it then you get a box to Edit your blog title.

how to change your blog title name on blogger
  • Save

6.Now Click and Edit your Blog name and after a click on save the change.

How can you change you blog name on blogger
  • Save

7.After some time your blog name has been changed.

Final thought – How to change Blog name on Blogger-

I hope  You got Your question answer that is how to change blog title name on blogger And your all doubt has been cleared.

If you have still any Doubt and question related to the how-to change blog name on blogger then ask me in the comment section and I am very thankful to you to read my this article. if you like my article so please share this article with your friends and your relatives.

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Hello friends my name is Monit Kumar. I'm an Engineer by Profession and a Blogger and Affiliate Marketer with a passion. I am doing Blogging, Affiliate marketing, and many more things to grow my skill and to other peoples to grow their business.

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